Apple Vision Pro: The Future Is Spatial

Do you remember Tony Stark, aka “Iron Man”? And do you remember how he did his research and investigations? The manner in which he viewed and controlled videos, applications, data, and even phone calls in three dimension within his living space. The way he zoomed in on optical diagrams, performed sophisticated mathematical calculations, and provided real-time results. Well, sooner or later, that will eventually be a reality. But what if ‘reality’ has already arrived? Perhaps not as advanced as Tony Stark’s F.R.I.D.A.Y. or J.A.R.V.I.S. but close enough to give us a taste of the future. This reality is known as Apple Vision Pro, and in this article “Apple Vision Pro: The Future is Spatial”, I will share what Apple Vision Pro can do and how it can enrich our lifestyle.

So, What Is Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is actually an augmented-virtual reality headset that Apple Inc. developed and unveiled on June 5, 2023, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The Apple Vision Pro represents a paradigm-shifting advancement in technology, as it flawlessly merges the real world with a digitally constructed environment. This innovative system allows for the coexistence of both real and virtual objects, providing users with an exceptional augmented ecosystem experience. Priced at $3499, it is delicately poised between being neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Simply put, it is a computer on the eyes that allows users to manipulate its features and functionalities through hand gestures, finger pinching, wrist flicking, voice control, and eye movements. The Vision Pro, by Apple, is being hailed as a groundbreaking “spatial computer.” This aptly captures its remarkable capacity to harness its physical surroundings as a platform for presenting digital content. The output is directly projected onto the eyes through two micro-OLED displays with a total of 23 million pixels each. Therefore, it is intended to transform the way we operate, interact, and innovate, while gazing at a computer screen may eventually become obsolete in the near future.

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Structure And Specifications Of Apple Vision Pro 

The device exhibits a subtle curve that conforms to our facial contours. There is a button called “Light Seal” that provides precision fitting while shutting out unwanted light. The headband incorporates a state-of-the-art cushioning system that ensures optimal comfort during extended wear. Its advanced breathability technology allows for enhanced airflow, preventing excessive heat and moisture buildup. The power storage is, however, a bit of a rub because it provides only up to 2 hours of battery power but is available all day when plugged in. The audio pods have been meticulously designed to ensure optimal placement close to the user’s ears. It results in the transmission of immersive spatial audio that effortlessly blends with the surrounding real-world sounds, keeping the user aware of their immediate environment.

The frontal frame of the device boasts an impressive configuration consisting of six high-quality microphones, five advanced sensors, and twelve state-of-the-art cameras. Additionally, it features two micro-OLED displays that collectively offer an astounding resolution of 23 million pixels. A sophisticated arrangement of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and infrared cameras meticulously monitors and tracks the ocular movements. This cutting-edge setup not only tracks the user’s eye movements but also serves as an advanced authentication mechanism.

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What Can We Do With It? 

First and foremost, the effectiveness of this incredible device may be compromised if we are in a limited space. In order to optimize its overall functionality, indoor living space is imperative. This device is about “blending digital content in the space that surrounds us“, as said by Tim Cook, CEO, Apple. Furthermore, users can seamlessly engage in various tasks simultaneously, leveraging enhanced data accessibility and application support. This will be complemented by an expanded field of view in an unconstrained three-dimensional format, supported by an unparalleled audio experience.

The real thing, of course, that it does is, it enables you to see, hear, and interact with digital content right in your physical space, as if it’s there. That’s spatial computing, and it is a big idea“, as told by Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc., to Robin Roberts, anchor, Good Morning America.

The Apple Vision Pro can capture and display photos and videos in 3D. On the primary display of the Apple Vision Pro, there is a function called “Eyesight” that will record a video of our eyes and project that video through the front screen, enabling others to understand if we are looking at them.

The process of working together with colleagues on a project becomes smoother as communication becomes more organic and the level of immersion can be tailored to one’s preferences without any limitations.

Vision Pro offers us an extended stage that revolutionizes the utilization of our preferred applications, providing an unique experience. We can easily customize the location and dimensions of the apps, allowing us to create an optimal digital workspace tailored to our preferences. This empowers us to forge our ideal work environment while remaining fully engaged with the real world.

Our personal space will be enhanced with a multi-screen habitat, providing us with a dynamic user experience. Additionally, we can also look at the actual things situated beyond the visual interface where apps will appear as floating objects. The gaming and theater experience will reach unprecedented heights in terms of picture quality, pixel density, and enveloping surround sound. “You have got more than a 4K experience in each eye”, as said by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. The system will employ advanced engineering and technology to generate an expansive display and an immersive virtual environment, effectively transporting users into the captivating contents showcased on the screen. Utilizing 3D sound technology precisely calibrated to the Spatial Audio system will enhance the auditory experience, resulting in a perception of depth and distance within the adjacent landscapes.

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How Can Apple Vision Pro Improve Our Lifestyle?

The idea of getting comfortable with a new technology generally sounds a little daunting to many, especially when someone is not too tech-savvy. But if you can imagine a world that transcends all boundaries and limitations, where all your feelings are heightened and your senses are amplified, a world that increases engagement, improves productivity, reduces loneliness, generates connections, and makes life better and easier, that is the world of Apple Vision Pro.

How many times has it been that you are working on an important assignment or presentation at home and you do not want to get distracted? But then your friends or relatives arrive uninvited. What do you do? Do you entertain them with your hospitality, or do you complete your project first? But what if you can do both at the same time? It would not be a very wise approach because working on two different things often results in mistakes, but considering the time constraints, Apple Vision Pro can turn out to be an extremely helpful tool in such a situation. If you don’t make any mistakes, this tool can save your job or save you from failing in school.

For entertainment, how about having your own personal gigantic movie screen with surround sound that is portable and easy to carry wherever you go? And let’s not forget playing PUBG or Minecraft on those giant screens. Video calling, browsing, photo editing, sound mixing, VFX compositing, animation, programming, 3D modeling, rendering, etc. are some of the other things you can do as well.

For students, it can be an opportunity to learn faster and memorize better. Imagine you want to build a career in Astronomy or Volcanology. Now, physically, you cannot fly in space or stand on the mouth of an erupting volcano, right? But what if you could do that now in enlarged, high-end detail from the comfort of your bedroom?

For employers and employees, this is the next big step to improving workplace efficiency, which will ensure that assignments are delivered faster and project completion is on time. Multitasking will improve and increase, while workplace collaboration will be transparent and fluent.

So in the same way that Mac introduced us to personal computing and iPhone introduced us to mobile computing, Apple Vision Pro will introduce us to spatial computing. This marks the beginning of a journey that will bring a new dimension to powerful personal technology. There are certain products that shift the way we look at technology and the role it plays in our lives. We believe Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary product with the performance, immersion, and capability that only Apple can deliver,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.



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